Editor's Notebook

  1. Your Brand Is More Important Than You Realize

    If there’s one area where IT service providers disagree, it’s on the topic of branding. I’ve mentioned in past articles that one of the most common forms of branding many channel companies still hold fast to is “word of mouth” or referral marketing. But, even among those with more formalized marketing programs, there are conflicting schools of thought about best practices.

  2. A Look At Cloud Security From Your Customers’ Perspective

    As a cloud storage solutions provider, you bear a burden of making sure your customers’ data is secure. Do you take the time also to consider the burden your customers bear? An article in a recent edition of Authority, published by Tech Data, “Your Data Has Left The Building,” is a realistic look at the risks people and organizations face when they make the decision to store data in the cloud.

  3. Dropbox' Move Into The Enterprise: Your Worst Nightmare Or Killer Opportunity?

    While, in the past, MSPs sought to talk customers out of using Dropbox in place of more robust solutions, it seems that the company is poised to make a move into the enterprise realm. In fact, an article by Forbes claims that such a move is necessary if the company plans to hit the growth numbers investors have expected. 

  4. Recommended VAR Reading: The Challenger Sale

    I read The Challenger Sale about a year ago and have been testing its principles and techniques whenever I can. I think the business-to-business sales methods taught in this book are the real deal and could have a significant impact on VAR organizations as they strive to be trusted advisors.

  5. Challenges Still Exist For As-a-Service Adoption

    During Monday night’s Welcome Reception/Solutions Expo at the 2013 ScanSource Partner Conference, I had a conversation with a solutions provider and a vendor executive about financing the as-a-Service model. The VAR said selling Software-as-a-Service is a no-brainer, but hardware is a completely different story because financing that part of the deal still hasn’t taken shape. The VAR was hopeful because he felt distributors are positioned to partner with a third party to finance Hardware-as-a-Service. The vendor concurred, adding: “We [vendors] are not bankers.”

  6. 8 Channel Threats, 6 Opportunities For Solutions Providers

    The panel discussion “Future Channel Opportunities & Threats” at the ASCII Success Summit in Austin, TX featured several excellent points and lots of give-and-take. Here are some highlights from the discussion.


  7. SYNNEX Keynote Herm Edwards Shares NFL Lessons That Resonate With Break/Fix VARs

    I’ve been to my share of industry conferences and have sat through my share of keynote speakers. So, when I saw that Herm Edwards, ESPN analyst and former NFL coach and player, was speaking, I expected a speech filled with touching and humorous NFL stories tied to life lessons and motivational wisdom. Edwards delivered all that, but in a way that exceeded my expectations.

  8. HP Networking Sets Sites On Cisco

    During the general session of the second day of SYNNEX' (NYSE:SNX) National Conference in Greenville, SC, Craig Hinkley, VP & GM of HP (NYSE: HPQ) Networking Americas shared his company's vision for the near future. Hinkley's message was repeated many different colorful ways, but what it boils down to is an aggressive focus on winning business away from Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) and giving it to SYNNEX VARs. Here are just a few sound bites from Hinkley's energetic presentation...

  9. Here's A Better Way To Review Surveillance Video

    There's a lot to see at ASIS. The physical security industry conference and expo boasted more than 700 exhibitors showing the latest and greatest surveillance and access control solutions. Having only a few days to get around the floor, the sad fact is that I’m sure I missed seeing some very cool things while there last week. However, there is something I saw that impressed me quite a bit. Let me set the stage...

  10. GFI MAX Customer Conference 2013: Editors Notebook Day 1

    Day 1 of GFI MAX’s Customer Conference is under way here at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. A quick look at the itinerary for today brought one word to mind: wow. GFI has today loaded with educational information from start (9:00am) to finish (5:45pm, which is when the pool party begins).

    While we’re only midway through the sessions, I stepped away to share just some of the notes I’ve taken from the event.

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