POS Magazine

  1. Take Your Liquor Store Customers Out Of PCI Scope

    A VAR installs a $35,000 POS upgrade to solve the multistore, PCI needs of its liquor store customer.

  2. Don’t Miss Out On Sales You Can Make Along With EMV

    POS upgrades, new payment technologies, security solutions, and payment services could pique the interest of your prospects interested in EMV.

  3. Why You Need To Talk To SMB Merchants About EMV — Today

    With just four months left until the October 1 liability shift, it’s imperative to help your clients make informed decisions about EMV technology now.

  4. Special Report: Retail Data Security

    As the number of payment- and POS-related breaches continues to rise, retail IT VARs should be stepping up to help.

  5. Why RMM Is Right For Retail

    While it requires a different mindset for retail VARs who aren’t used to selling annuity services, remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a service that retail customers need.

  6. Making Sense (And Money) From Mobile Wallets

    Mobile wallets are a hot topic, but how VARs and ISVs can profit from them hasn’t been clear … until now.

  7. Give Small Retailers A Cloud-Based Competitive Advantage

    This ISV’s market expertise led to a new cloud-based system that incorporates CRM, marketing, and POS (point of sale) functionality that drives up its customers’ revenue while driving down PCI (payment card industry)-related compliance costs.

  8. Key To POS Sales Growth? More Yesses

    This veteran POS dealer turned his business around by aligning with vendors that enabled him to stop saying “no” to customer requests.

  9. TSYS Partner Program – Partnerships that Produce

    We invest in our partnerships. We’ve designed a program tailored for YOU.

  10. Why Choose Sterling Payment Technologies?

    For more than a decade, Sterling has built strong relationships and invested heavily in POS businesses like yours through our Partner Program. We are committed to going above and beyond to help our reseller partners grow and prosper.