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  1. 2016 Trends: Enterprise Cloud Backup And Recovery Takes Hold

    Enterprises are beginning to fully embrace the utility of the cloud, and offsite recovery, as the most effective means of backing up data. Also, as virtualization continues to gain dominance, enterprises are finding their legacy systems inadequate for recovering data at the speed and currency they need in order to operate a successful business.

  2. Panasonic Announces New Network Scanning Solution

    Panasonic, a provider of industry leading document management and imaging solutions, announced recently its newest M100 series network scanning solution that combines the advanced processing power of an Intel Core i5 tablet with the reliability of its award-winning scanners.

  3. MegaPath Introduces Extra Payout Incentive For New Partners

    MegaPath, a leading provider of voice, data, security and cloud services in North America, recently announced a special first quarter “Jump Start” spiff for new channel partners which, when combined with its other Q1 partner spiffs, provides eligible partners with the opportunity to earn a one-time spiff up to four times (4X) of monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

  4. In-Store Beacons: A ‘Recipe’ For A New Shopping Experience

    At this year’s NRF Annual Convention & EXPO in New York City, beacons are gaining even more attention among retailers and mobile apps as a way to re-invent the consumer experience. 

  5. Aerohive Continues To Transform The Connected Experience For Retailers And Their Customers

    Aerohive Networks continues to be selected by top retailers for its simple, secure, and scalable Wi-Fi.

  6. Aerohive Networks Releases Powerful New Connected Learning Application For Student Engagement

    Aerohive Networks recently announced HiveSchool, a new connected learning application that helps K-12 teachers leverage technology in the classroom. HiveSchool is an easy way for teachers to present digital content during class, collaborate with students, monitor student activity, keep students on task, and assign a variety of learning resources.

  7. Parascript Announces New Release For SignatureXpert

    Parascript, the innovation leader in advanced document classification, data location, extraction and validation, recently announced the new release of SignatureXpert, the automated signature verification engine that processes signatures with higher accuracy to prevent fraud.

  8. Field Nation Expands Insurance Offering

    Field Nation, the leading marketplace platform for contingent and on-demand workforce management, recently announced the addition of professional liability insurance that covers buyers and freelancers when work is completed on the platform.

  9. Nexusguard’s Software-Defined Networking Helps Scale Service Providers’ DDoS Mitigation With Nexusguard AI

    Nexusguard, the worldwide leader in distributed denial of service (DDoS) security solutions, recently announced Nexusguard AI gives internet service providers (ISPs) and partners the ability to deliver software-defined networking (SDN), integrated uptime protection for their customers.

  10. Temando Survey Shows U.S. Retailers Do Not Fully Meet Consumers’ Shipping And Fulfilment Demands

    Temando announced United States retailer and consumer survey data from its 2016 State of Shipping In Commerce report. The survey polled 214 micro, small, mid-sized and enterprise retailers and over 1,000 consumers about a range of shipping-related challenges they face. The survey highlights revenue, customer loyalty, and efficiency opportunities for US retailers to close the gap between what shipping options they offer and what consumers are demanding.