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Jay McCall is the networking, managed services, and storage editor with Business Solutions magazine, a monthly publication dedicated to helping IT solutions providers grow their businesses by selling complementary technologies and moving into thriving markets.

4 'As A Service' Sales Pitfalls Retail VARs Must Avoid

4 'As A Service' Sales Pitfalls Retail VARs Must Avoid

Higher profit margins and steadier income are real possibilities for companies selling recurring revenue solutions and services. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to plan ahead for business process changes.  Continue Reading...
Edge Out Your Cloud Backup Competition. Here’s How.

Edge Out Your Cloud Backup Competition. Here’s How.

As a managed services provider, you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting your IT vendor partners — especially in the cloud backup space. The reality is, however, the solution you select won’t often be what ultimately sets you apart from your competitors. More often than not, what separates one IT solution provider from another is the customer’s perception of one provider over another.  Continue Reading...
  • Grow Your Cloud Services Practice The Smart Way

    Datasmith Networks has been in the IT network infrastructure sales and services business for more than two decades, spanning two generations. The MSP specializes in working with companies in healthcare and retail verticals and was highlighted at last month’s Ingram Micro Cloud Summit for its work with PlanetShoes.com, a fast-growing specialty e-tailer that operates six websites – each receiving about 30,000 unique visitors a day – and sales that can soar as high as 5,600 items a week.

  • Build Your Business On An IP Video Foundation

    Unlike larger competitors that are entrenched in analog video, this IT solutions provider’s decision to sell and support IP-based solutions is leading to another year of triple-digit revenue growth.

  • Why MDM Is A Mobile Solution Must-Have

    By uncovering a customer’s mobile computing pain points, this VAR won a 55-unit mobile computing install, plus an MDM (mobile device management) upsell.

  • Why Selling Hybrid Storage Is The Better Decision

    By making a few subtle changes to your sales approach, you can start selling hybrid backup solutions that are better for you and your customers.

  • The Most Common Mistakes MSPs Make With Off-Site Backups

    I recently spoke with three industry experts about the topic of cloud/off-site backups. I asked them about the most common mistakes MSPs make with regard to selling and implementing this kind of solution/service. Here is what they’re seeing as well as some tips they shared.

  • 4 Tips For Getting Out Of Your Managed Services Sales Slump

    For as much positive press as the recurring revenue, as-a-service sales model has gotten lately, it may come as an initial shock that analyst group Ovum released a report recently stating that the "IT services market endured a dismal end to 2012," and "The TCV [total contract value] of deals announced in the fourth quarter of 2012 was $20.8 billion, down 34% from the same period the previous year."

  • Why Selling Mobile Security Is A Non-Negotiable

    According to an independent study conducted by Trend Micro,  if Android app store providers don’t act soon, we could see more than 100,000 malicious Android apps showing up in the Android app store in the near future.  This, combined with the fact that more and more companies are allowing employees to bring their own devices to work for the purpose of accessing corporate networks is creating a potential serious security threat to many of your customers.

  • The 2 Biggest Threats Your Healthare Clients Face: Lost/Compromised Data

    Business Solutions recently reached out to several industry experts to get an update on the latest trends happening within several key vertical markets, including healthcare. Following is the dialogue I had with Pavan Vyas, product marketing manager at Asigra, a hybrid backup and data recovery vendor.