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Jay McCall is the networking, managed services, and storage editor with Business Solutions magazine, a monthly publication dedicated to helping IT solutions providers grow their businesses by selling complementary technologies and moving into thriving markets.

3 Tips Every Managed Services Provider Should Know

3 Tips Every Managed Services Provider Should Know

If you’re a reseller new to the managed services model or an established MSP looking to hit the next level of your business, Thomas Clancy Jr., partner and manager of sales and operations for Valiant Technology, says a simple formula has been instrumental to Valiant’s success. His lessons are to the point, actionable, and very relevant.    Continue Reading...
How Selling Managed Print Services Protects Your Business

How Selling Managed Print Services Protects Your Business

This MSP’s (managed services provider’s) decision to become MPS-certified paid off when it landed a six-figure project with the Major League Baseball (MLB) Network.  Continue Reading...
  • 3 Ways Handling HR Yourself Hurts Your MSP Practice

    Whether you’re a VAR, MSP, or CSB (cloud services broker), there’s a good chance that part of your success comes from being your customers’ outsourced IT departments. With that said, how could you ever conceive of turning the hiring process over to a staffing agency or some other outside firm?

  • Are Your Managed Services Customers Pining For The Break-Fix Days?

    One of the recurring themes I hear from MSPs is that it’s possible to do such a good job fixing a customer’s network and other IT issues that things just don’t break like they used to. So, where’s the problem, you ask?

  • Why Putting Off Selling MPS Is Risky Business

    When I ask most managed services providers about what kinds of IT assets they monitor for their customers, answers such as “servers, routers, switches, firewalls, PCs, laptops, and even mobile devices” are common responses. Less common responses include...

  • Here’s How One VAR Trounces Its Competition

    I recently had the privilege of interviewing Joe Amaral, owner of The Amaral Group, an IT products and services provider that earned the #92 spot on the prestigious Ingram Micro SMB 500 list of top-performing partners in 2012.

  • Don’t Prolong Your Decision To Sell Cloud Backup

    The Business Solutions magazine article, "Don't Assume Your Salespeople Can Sell Cloud Backup," stresses that your success as a subscription-based IT service provider hinges on your sales team.  In the article, Tiffani Bova, VP, distinguished analyst at Gartner, says only about 30 percent of salespeople will be able to make the transition from the type of selling they did with traditional IT sales and the type of consultative selling required for selling recurring revenue solutions and services. Looking at the potential hurdles involved with selling cloud backup and other subscription-based IT services will cause some resellers to want to postpone their migration to managed services indefinitely. However, you need to consider that risk as well.

  • Enlist Your Company In MSP Boot Camp

    This MSP turned to professional coaching to improve its business and realized 30% revenue growth last year as a result.

  • Do You Need A Mobile Data Collection Makeover?

    Adapting its mobile communication platform to changes in the transportation industry is key to this VAR’s continued double-digit growth.

  • Sell Network Security As A Service To Reach More Customers

    As network security threats continue to grow and become more complex, cloud-based security solutions are playing a growing role in helping VARs and MSPs protect their customers.