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05.13.14 -- 5 Features All Cloud Platforms Should Possess

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5 Ways To Make Implementing Vendor Management Easier
By Alex Rogers
By Alex Rogers There are many benefits for both you and your clients by bringing vendor management into your professional services stack. For your business, you can control the scheduling of outside IT projects, meaning no more surprise calls about the new T1 line going in.
Coming Soon ... To GFI MAX Backup

GFI MAX Backup are excited to give you a sneak preview of some of the exciting new enhancements that are coming soon in version 14. We know the html-based Backup Manager with its fresh look and feel will be a huge hit and new, smarter technology is being introduced to enhance the performance of file system and system state restores. All this, as well as easier restores for VMware, remote client deployment and multi-threaded restores will be available in the next release at the end of May.

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Featured Articles
rbTech Raises The Operational Bar With RMM Solution
“If you don’t evolve, you don’t succeed,” says Rubin Bennett, owner and founder of rb Technologies (rbTech), an IT services firm with customers throughout the New England region. With more than 16 years in the business, Bennett knows what it takes to grow and thrive even as new advances drive change in the fast-paced technology industry.
How To Make Sense Of Security Threats For Your SMB Customers
Cyberwar, hacktivism, DDoS attacks. They’re are all over the news, but they only affect multinationals and governments — right?
E-Book- The Modern Retailer And You: Finding New Paths To Profits
The retailers of yesteryear are evolving into modern retailers, but what does that mean for you? In order to plan for the future, you must review the past. In this e-book, you’ll see the evolution of managed services, how we got here, and what to expect of the future.
5 Features All Cloud Platforms Should Possess
By Vinay Venkataraghavan
Managed services providers (MSPs) face an array of complex questions as they decide whether to migrate workloads to and between clouds.
6 Critical Pressure Points Of Healthcare Network Security
By Ron Culler
Today, even the smallest healthcare organization is a technology hub. Multiple IT systems connect providers to patients, medical specialists, online resources, and external providers, and staff are increasingly equipped with mobile devices to support their work within and outside the facilities.
Your CRM And You: 4 Tests To Determine If It's Time To Break Up
By Geoff McQueen
Remember when you first got your CRM? For many, CRMs stopped being a helpful friend and instead became a burden requiring constant updates and double entry, and giving precious little back in return.
Telemetry Advancements Open Growth Channels For Healthcare Solutions Providers
By Megan Williams, contributing writer
Recently, remote monitoring of patients has experienced a boom in growth. The increase is motivated by both a shift toward more patient-focused healthcare, as well as moves toward cost-cutting across the industry.
Data Recovery Provider Best Practices
By Megan Williams, contributing writer
Your clients rely on their data in ways they might not even understand.
Four Ways VARs Can Better Address Service Renewals
By Kelly Crothers
As a reseller, what’s keeping you from implementing a successful service renewal program with your customers? Most likely it’s a data issue — whether it's data that hasn’t been collected, data that’s not meaningful, data that’s trapped in an information silo, or data that’s simply outdated.
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