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05.20.13 -- 6 Common Lies About IP Video Surveillance

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6 Common Lies About IP Video Surveillance
By Gadi Piran, president, OnSSI
One of the factors holding backing the adoption rate of IP video surveillance is a lack of understanding by IT integrators. Much has changed in the video surveillance world, so without all the facts, IT integrators will be unable to make sound decisions regarding this technology.
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ATS offers PEOPLEpoint, a new workforce management terminal from the Universal Series product line. This terminal provides users with a variety of features that include a 7-inch widescreen touch display and expandable memory. The PEOPLEpoint allows users to easily navigate employee self-service functionality while having the ability to utilize a camera, microphone, and speakers. Learn more.


Perfect Pixel Count: Meeting Your Operational Requirements
This step-by-step guide helps you select the best cameras for your operational requirements and surveillance scenarios. Lack of industry standards and the complexity of the matter cause many integrators to lose sight of a key prerequisite in any installation: the operational requirements or the true purpose of the surveillance. Read more.

The Video Surveillance Market Is Going Strong... With Or Without You?
Interesting news for IT integrators out of IMS Research, now part of IHS Inc., the video surveillance industry's leading analyst firm. According to Niall Jenkins, manager, Video Surveillance & Security Services Research, 45% of surveyed North American companies reported that their budgets for security-related spend had increased in 2012. Read more.

Can't Keep Up? 3 Ways To Future-Proof Your Business
A few weeks ago I attended the Epson partner conference in Palm Springs, CA. The keynote speaker was futurist/forecaster Daniel Burrus who spoke a lot about technology trends shaping the future. He had three great thoughts in his presentation that are applicable to the reseller community. Read more.

An Unexpected IP Video Surveillance Sale
It pays to listen to the customer, and if Shawn Santerre needed any evidence of this, he got it with a four-year video surveillance deployment for a California school district. Santerre, VP of sales for VAR XIT Solutions, worked closely with the district from conception to conclusion — first, extensively researching a technology that was new to XIT and ultimately winning the bid to deploy video management software and hundreds of Sony cameras. Read more.

Is Cloud-Based Video Management Software Ready For Prime Time?
Cloud-based solutions can provide recurring revenue but are not suited to every client. The video management software (VMS) market is largely fragmented, even in light of mergers and acquisitions within the video surveillance space. For VARs, that means it’s still important to carefully evaluate VMS partners for financial stability and product reliability. Read more.

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AXIS M50 Network Camera Series AXIS M50 Network Camera Series
AXIS M50 PTZ Dome Network Camera Series are affordably priced palm-sized pan/tilt/zoom cameras. They are perfect for remote and discreet monitoring of indoor areas such as stores, banks, hotels, office lobbies, restaurants and warehouses. Read more.
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