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01.09.14 -- 90-Day Roadmap To Success

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Why Increased Profitability Might Be Out Of Your Reach
By Mike Monocello, editor in chief
By Mike Monocello, editor in chief If you’re a VAR or integrator looking to become more profitable, check this out. I attended a lot of trade shows and partner conferences focused on managed services this fall and sat through a ton of educational sessions. Something that really jumped out at me about MSPs is their focus on business metrics.
It's 2014 — What's Your Social Media Strategy?
It’s 2014 — What’s Your Social Media Strategy?
To become a successful MSP, being active on social media is now a requirement. Watch and learn how easy it can be to get started using social media sites for your MSP practice, not only can it be fun, but it can also open up the possibility of new opportunities. Learn more.
Featured Articles
MSP Adds New Customers While Improving And Expanding Service Delivery With RMM Platform
In the first 18 months of using AVG Managed Workplace, Know Technology, LLC added 13 new customers — including two with over 100 seats — all while improving and expanding service delivery.
Critical Success Factors For In-House NOC And Help Desk Operations
Providing NOC and help desk support services that are responsive to end customer needs while being cost effective to deliver is a key challenge faced by all managed service providers (MSPs). Surprisingly few get this part of their business right.
The Changing Landscape Of Technology Services
Technology changes in the blink of an eye. New products or services are introduced and older versions are obsolete almost immediately. The convergence of mobile, Big Data, and the Cloud is setting the stage for a new way of working, collaborating, and leveraging business information.
CharTec 90-Day Roadmap To Success
Forging the road to where you want to be takes more than just fueling up for the ride. It means finding the way, plowing through obstacles, and focusing on the destination — essentially, finding a roadmap to success. Knowing what to expect, preparing for the trip, and realizing opportunities along the way help to strengthen the journey toward what lies ahead.
BYOD: How To Have It All
Ron Hassanwalia, COO of SOTI, a mobile device management (MDM) provider with more than 10,000 enterprise customers worldwide, says adding MDM to BYOD is the way “to give choice without sacrifice.” Designing the right solution, though, might take some creativity.
Winning The Strategic Account Manager Talent War
John DeSarbo of ZS Associates explains the importance of finding strategic account managers with the right skill sets and drives to succeed.
Navigating Channel Cross-Currents In 2014
Gina Gallo of Stratix asks four questions that can help you compete more effectively in the new year.
Measures Of Success In Backup And Recovery
Remote backup is one of the most popular items in a foundational service for many managed services providers (MSPs). The abilities to build comprehensive backup systems and ensure data is located across distributed physical locations are crucial challenges to many small and medium-sized business customers served by MSPs.
Don't Let CryptoLocker Hold You Or Your Customers Ransom
Mike Foreman of AVG Technologies explains the threat from CryptoLocker ransomware infections and what you can do to protect your business' and your customers' data.
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N-Able Is Pleased To Announce General Availability Of N-Central 9.3
Government IT News For VARs
Healthcare IT News For VARs
Smartvue Offers Award-Winning New Cloud Server
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RSA® Conference 2014
February 24 to 28, 2014 | San Francisco, CA

RSA® Conference 2014: Share. Learn. Secure. Attend Feb. 24 to 28 in San Francisco and access two expos, and 300+ expert-led sessions spanning 21 technical tracks. Register by Jan. 24 and save $400.
Featured Products And Services
Acronis: Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution Product Review Acronis: Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution Product Review
The Acronis Backup & Recovery product offered an impressive breadth of functionality, including an easy-to-use setup interface, image- and file-based backups, support for a wide range of virtualization environments, diverse off-site capabilities, a bare metal restore to dissimilar hardware, agent-based and agentless backup options, and Apple desktop/laptop backup capabilities.
Barracuda: Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution Product Review Barracuda: Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution Product Review
Barracuda stood out in the area of support, offering technical support out of San Jose, CA, which Brown found very helpful during his initial setup of the Barracuda backup appliance. Barracuda also offered the most flexibility with regard to off-site backup capabilities, allowing backups to the Barracuda cloud, another cloud of the VAR’s/MSP’s choosing, or even allowing customers with multiple sites to perform backups among their own facilities.
Continuum: Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution Product Review Continuum: Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution Product Review
The biggest difference with Continuum was that the vendor bundles RMM and 24/7 NOC support with its BDR Vault. While Brown felt this created a price advantage over other similar BDRs (e.g. CharTec, Datto, and StorageCraft), some MSPs might have reservations about working with a NOC support center that’s based outside the U.S.
STORServer: Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution Product Review STORServer: Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution Product Review
STORServer was not able to have its product tested within our deadline, but the basic spec sheet details are included in the individual review sidebar along with other information collected from the vendor.