Guest Column | May 30, 2013

A Beginners Guide To BYOD

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BSM-Mobile Device

There is no denying that BYOD is one of the most talked about trends in the IT industry so far this year; and yet in a recent survey of MSPs using RMM software it was found that on average only 19% of these MSPs were already monetizing on this trend.

It could be that until now it has always been a safer option for companies to simply avoid allowing BYOD within their organizations to reduce the possible risks to their networks – perhaps a welcome decision for MSPs whose responsibility it is to look after said networks.

However, there’s just no escaping from BYOD anymore - particularly for MSPs. In fact, the time has come for MSPs to stop avoiding BYOD and instead begin embracing the opportunities it presents.

To get you started on your road to BYOD here are a few things every MSP should know!

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