Case Study | January 9, 2012

A Document Imaging Upgrade Aids In EMR Transition, Eliminates Staffing Concerns

Source: ibml

"No one wants to hear about adding more employees," says Lisa Coleman, MHA, RHIA, director, Centralized Scanning, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System (MHHS). That created a challenge when MHHS decided several years ago to centralize its scanning operation – which had been spread across MHHS' 11 hospitals in the Houston, Texas, area – and add inpatient records to the documents it was scanning – all while adhering to a strict 24-hour turnaround time for scanning patient records.

A few years ago, MHHS implemented a Sovera health information management (HIM) system to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations and establish a centralized scanning infrastructure. At this time, scanning was decentralized across MHHS' hospital network. A short time later, MHHS made the decision to add inpatient records to its scanning program. Scanning inpatient records would have a positive impact on the hospital's migration to EMRs, Coleman said. But it also posed a problem in terms of significantly higher document volumes. "To meet our deadlines using our existing scanning infrastructure would have required at least three additional mid-volume scanners and 10 full-time equivalents," Coleman said.

As a solution, CGI Group presented the ImageTrac scanners from Birmingham, AL-based ibml. CGI Group arranged a site visit of a nearby ibml user – EDCO – to see firsthand the hardware's capabilities and observe the processes the user put in place to streamline the document scanning workflow. "We were surprised at how different the ibml scanners were from our own; it was more like an assembly line," she said.

Access this case study to learn more about Memorial Hermann's selection process, solution implementation experience, and project results.

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