Magazine Article | March 17, 2014

A "No BS" Approach To Growing Recurring Revenue Sales

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Sarah's BSM Team Headshots

By Jay McCall

This MSP’s 4-step business strategy, which is based on KPIs (key performance indicators) and years of hard-learned lessons, is resulting in 55%-plus service-based profit margins.

Just a few minutes into a conversation with Vince Tinnirello, CEO of managed services provider Anchor Network Solutions, and one can begin to understand why his company enjoys an 80 percent win rate when engaging new prospects. Tinnirello’s confidence in his company’s ability to provide SMBs (five- to 80-user companies is the MSP’s sweet spot) with mission-critical IT solutions and services is balanced by his candor in sharing real-world setbacks and failures along the way. Any VAR or MSP can learn from and adopt Tinnirello’s business lessons — specifically, the four key business drivers behind Anchor Network Solutions’ success.

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