Case Study | March 5, 2012

A Storage VAR Reduces Training And Installation Time 75% With A New BDR Solution

Source: Axcient

Irrespective of size or industry, all of AsceNT Technologies' customers require a comprehensive, reliable, easy-to-use, and easily scalable data protection and business continuity solution. Prior to offering the Axcient solution, the company often spent countless hours learning how to implement, manage, and use other disaster recovery solutions that had many agents and then spent another full workday implementing the solution onsite. As Kenneth McDaniel, director of technology at AsceNT Technologies, explains: "I need something that's easy to understand. The other solutions I used took two days of training and it felt like getting information through a fire hose. No one can reasonably be expected to retain all of that information during training, which could spell trouble during a disaster."

In addition, many of the solutions McDaniel tried required up front hardware costs that locked a customer into a specific hardware and made it difficult to scale quickly and cost-effectively as their data needs grew. Because of its small staff and limited resources, AsceNT Technologies needed to cut down on the time to implement a Solution in order to improve productivity and increase profitability. The company also needed a solution that could scale as customers' needs changed, while still providing a reliable and comprehensive solution with an interface that was intuitive should a customer need to access it.

AsceNT Technologies' previous disaster recovery solutions required up to eight hours to install plus took days of training. This was a problem because the solutions were too complex and required sending staff to the customer location; having staff out of the office equaled loss of revenue and decreased productivity. In addition, its custom Bacers' data growth rate was averaging 25-50 percent annually, so the company was finding it difficult to offer affordable solutions that could keep up.

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