White Paper | December 3, 2012

Accelerate EMR Application Development Using Imaging Tools

Source: Accusoft

This white paper from Accusoft takes a look at the value of adding third-party tools for handling images to your current EMR system. Third-party tools allow you to add advanced features while speeding up development, thus reducing costs and getting your product to market sooner. Images are a vital part of EMR designs and can be challenging to properly display and manage, but there is help available!

Properly handling images and the faithful display of images, even at standard resolutions or limited quality is a very complex requirement. Sizes, resolutions, bit depths, and file formats are among the factors that must be taken into account when displaying an image. Your core competencies may not include the intricacies of image compression, manipulation, and display, so it may be best to rely on a third-party system.

Many of the world’s largest makers of imaging systems rely on Accusoft to provide them with imaging expertise. For these large organizations, this is the most cost-effective way to handle their imaging needs and the case is even stronger for smaller enterprise.

Download this white paper from Accusoft below to read more.

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