Webinar | August 12, 2014

Adopting A Services Model For Success

Source: Webroot

If you’re like most VARs, you’ve found it difficult to be profitable by relying on revenues from hardware and software sales, support, and a break-fix business model.

Technology is getting cheaper and that makes it more difficult to wring profits out of sales. Hardware has long been commoditized and software is following suit. The saving grace, many believe, is services.

While some VARs continue to grind away with the traditional VAR model, IT has evolved. IT services now play a major role as customers look to focus on core activities and for ways to focus their IT more sharply while not increasing their IT spend. These customers demand 24/7 support from reliable services providers.

Join Mike Monocello, editor-in-chief of Business Solutions George Anderson, product marketing director for Webroot for a discussion on what you can do to evolve your business to a services-based model. Learn how to become your customer’s go-to source for all things IT, increase your customer base, and — most importantly — recurring revenue streams.

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