Magazine Article | June 18, 2014

Advanced POS Solutions Vs. Entry-Level Retail Apps

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By Dana Bargell, Director of Marketing, Specialized Business Solutions

“The best value a genuine POS VAR or retail solution provider can provide retail clients today is a highly confi gurable POS solution with fully integrated and secure payment processing capabilities.”

What is today’s most important technology trend for small and midsize independent retail businesses?

While not the most trendy, the most important trend is fully integrated payment processing. For small retailers who already made the switch, the answer is improved card data security — including E2E and EMV-ready terminals that should be included in any new POS installation or upgrade.

What? Not tablets? The cloud? How about wearable POS systems? It wasn’t all that long ago when the most common answer to this trend question was barcoding, and more often than not, they didn’t know why — just, “I want to use barcodes.”

Many retailers are now asking for tablets and the cloud, but many still don’t know why. And when they do — it is often for the wrong reasons. Yes, tablets are neat, and everybody has one. Cloud storage certainly has its benefits. But tablets tend to walk away, and a lot of folks still want to know where their stuff (data) is. This is especially common among people who own and operate small retail businesses and regional chains.

So while there are plenty of interesting and stylish POS solutions on the market today, few are as integratable and configurable as most retailers require. The best value a genuine POS VAR or retail solution provider can provide retail clients today is a highly configurable POS solution with fully integrated and secure payment processing capabilities.

Why integrated vs. stand-alone payment terminals?

POS-integrated payment processing simply works better. It is a superior solution because it eliminates redundancy at the POS and functions as a complete and streamlined POS system.

Imagine a retail business using a fully integrated POS system for a year, and then switching back to stand-alone payment terminals. We’ve seen this happen, and it was not pretty. Retail managers immediately called their POS VAR practically begging to have it back the way it was!Subscribe to Business Solutions magazine

POS-integrated payment processing i s one of those things where a retailer doesn’t know how good it is until it’s gone. Vantiv purchasing Mercury Payment Systems confirms there is a premium value on integrated payments over stand-alone.

Payment Card Security: Hype or Reality?

Both. Retailers will very soon be required to acquire new payment processing equipment. Sound familiar? But this time it won’t just be under the ruse of PCI.

It will more likely be driven by increased public awareness of card data security and may include the need to handle EMV chip-and-PIN cards — eventually without the legacy mag stripes.

The momentum for EMV is growing. Almost daily we see industry and mainstream news — either directly from the card brands about a breach that could’ve been averted, or about a massive new EMV card production plant in Colorado. And whether it’s the best solution for the U.S. or not, it’s coming like a freight train.

So why not be ahead of the curve and prepare your retail clients with a fully integrated, comprehensive, and secure POS solution today? Keystroke Express POS starts under $250 dealer cost and is seamlessly upgradable to Keystroke Advanced POS.

Keystroke POS — The Clear Choice in Retail Automation
With over 25 years under our belt, the SBS/Keystroke development and support team is absolutely dedicated to helping POS dealer partners provide custom-fit and reliable solutions.

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