Magazine Article | August 17, 2011

From The Editor: Are You Equipped To Sell Mobile POS? Today?

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By Mike Monocello, editor in chief, Business Solutions magazine.

In July, I had the honor of moderating a panel discussion at RSPA RetailNOW on new and trending technologies in the point of sale (POS) space. In preparation for the panel, I sent an email to the Business Solutions POS audience asking which technologies they expect their retail and restaurant customers will request in the next 12 months. By far, the majority of responses I received from both retail and restaurant-focused VARs had something to do with mobility. Of course, mobility can mean a lot of different things, even when focused on just POS markets. For instance, mobility can refer to solutions aimed at accepting payments tableside at a restaurant. Or, it could refer to tableside ordering. Mobility in retail can refer to arming floor employees with mobile devices like tablets or handheld computers. In both verticals, mobility can also refer to customers, their smartphones, and loyalty apps. Getting the picture? Lots of possibilities for VARs!

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