Case Study | May 6, 2010

Case Study: Arizona Federal Credit Union

Source: Jenne Distributors

The challenge facing AZFCU's Call in Channel was twofold: it needed a solution that would record and monitor 100% of their calls for quality assurance as well as track and analyze data to identify trends and assess agent performance. In order to improve the quality of service and enhance agent performance and supervisor productivity, a workforce monitoring solution was needed.

In April 2006, AZFCU installed the Encore Suite, a comprehensive recording, quality assurance, performance management, reporting and business intelligence solution.

AZFCU's Assistant Vice President of Teleservices, Cathy Gordon, said they decided on the Encore Suite because it provides her with a 360 degree view of each agent-member interaction. "Encore enables us to see and hear each transaction, identify training opportunities and, if necessary, take immediate action on service concerns. With Encore we are able to put into practice what we wanted to do, which is; improve the quality of service we provide."

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