Case Study | November 9, 2010

Case Study: Axis Network Cameras Ensure Safety Of Revelers At Spectacular Mbombela Stadium

The Mbombela Multipurpose Recreational Stadium, constructed on the outskirts of Nelspruit as one of the ten official venues of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, boasts a truly unique African design. With its zebra-patterned seats, giraffe-inspired roof supports and close proximity to the highly acclaimed Kruger National Park, the stadium offers visitors a hint of South Africa's natural beauty within a world-class facility. In order to meet the standards and regulations set by FIFA ensuring the safety and security of all stadium equipment, visitors, staff and contractors, the design and implementation of a technologically advanced surveillance system was required.

Security technology specialist TVMS was awarded the CCTV installation tender during the construction of the stadium. "Although we faced many challenges ranging from architectural alterations to tender specification adjustments, we were able to implement a highly successful IP video surveillance system, using cuttingedge Axis network cameras, to provide effective stadium security," remarks Belinda Gouws, Director of TVMS.

The significance of the installation was evident even before the stadium was commissioned – the management used the surveillance system to apprehend a number of people responsible for stealing from contractors as construction tapered off. In an event leading up to the World Cup, the network cameras were used to avert a stampede at the gates when the turnstiles malfunctioned. During the World Cup events, troublesome fans were identified, photographed and monitored by the police.

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