News | October 22, 2012

Background Backup Expands Channel Program For MSPs And Integrators

Managed Backup Service Features Digital Forensics to minimize data restoration risk

Ottawa, Canada – Background Backup, the leading Managed Cloud Backup for line of business applications on the Mac, has added Digital Forensics to minimize data restoration risk.

Delivered exclusively through Authorized Resellers, Background Backup is a managed service designed to protect and restore vertical application data. To support the service, the company has developed a unique software process that looks at data patterns to identify threats and determine if the data backup process is restoration-ready at all times.

“Successful data restoration takes more than just backup software”, said Sean Costello, CEO of Background Backup, “It’s the carefully planned result of tools, process and expertise.” In 20 years of IT Consulting, Costello has seen hundreds of cases where critical data was irretrievable from internally managed systems following a loss or deletion event. It could be an incorrect installation, configuration, hardware failure or change to the network. “Whatever the cause - we wanted to insure that customer data was protected so we developed a digital data forensic process to warn us when something in the protection system doesn’t look right”, said Costello.

Background Backup works with Authorized Solution Providers to protect data for legal, retail, hospitality and other vertical business systems in North America. The Solution Provider gets everything they need to provide a complete managed data protection service to their customer base. When data is lost, Background Backup staff provides personalized data restoration services through the solution provider.

Core business data from vertical applications including retail, POS, healthcare, hospitality, food services, legal and others is constantly changing. “Every record and transaction is critical for the business, so there’s nothing more important than protecting that asset”, said Costello. “Unfortunately, there are MSPs, Solution Providers and Integrators that just run their choice of backup software and rely on it to provide a pass or fail; they have no idea if the actual business data intended to be protected could ever be restored.”

With the Small Business Administration reporting that 90 percent of companies go out of business within 2 years of a failed restoration, this extra level of technology and service is vital. Industry sources report that 34% of companies do not test their backups, and for those that do, an alarming number fail to restore.

With Background Backup protection, certified administrators and technicians constantly work behind the scenes to make sure customer’s data will restore. More than basic backup, these experts know what to look for. Whether a customer accidentally deletes files, or faces a catastrophic system failure, natural disaster or theft, there is peace of mind.

“With Background Backup, we added business grade backup services to most every one of our customers” said Jeff Barrett, CEO of MacMedics Canada, an Apple Certified consultancy servicing and supporting small business owners for over 14 years. “For clients with large amounts of data, we send a seed drive to initialize the backup process. That way the backup starts working immediately with just the changes to client data”. Jeff added, “The most important thing about our managed backup service is that clients have deleted file folders or lost a hard drive, and the team at Background Backup always restored their data.”

The new Background Backup Channel Program delivers everything the Solution Provider needs to be successful. From product training, business model support, personal coaching and technical support, Solution Providers will have the confidence to recommend this solution to their customers.

The new Channel Program offers:

  • Managed and monitored backup service
  • Co-Branded offering so partners can leverage their brand
  • Continuous and automatic backups to both customer equipment and the cloud
  • Personalized Data Restoration and Support
  • Comprehensive alerting, reporting, storage & bandwidth forecasting and billing
  • Encrypted, secure data storage in multiple data centers.

Costello continued; “For years, we’ve been behind the scenes working with MSPs and Integrators and know what it’s like to be in their shoes.”

Background Backup protection has affordable tiered pricing plans that grow with the size of a client base. Channel Partners can get started today with a free consultation and 30-day no-risk trial. Call 1.800.286.5371 (800-BUNKER1) or email

About Background Backup

Background Backup is the leading managed cloud backup and data protection solution for line of business applications on the Mac Platform. Sold through Authorized Solution providers, Integrators and MSPs Background Backup encrypts, protects and backs- up data for legal, retail, hospitality and other vertical business systems on both Mac and PC platforms across the enterprise and multiple locations.

For more information, please visit: or call 1-800-286-5371.

SOURCE: Background Backup