Newsletter | March 1, 2013

03.01.13 -- BDR (Backup And Disaster Recovery) Product Reviews

Business Solutions
Product Review: Backup And Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solutions
By Jay McCall, networking and managed services editor
By Jay McCall, networking and managed services editor There are a lot of services an MSP can sell its customers, but almost every MSP includes BDR services as one of its core offerings. For this month’s product review, Business Solutions once again turned to MSP Remote Technology Management (RTM). CEO Eric Brown and Technical Manager Kevin Danis tested seven BDR solutions in their Massachusetts test lab over a two-week period, investing more than 40 hours.
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Asigra Product Review
Asigra has the most thorough onboarding process out of all the BDRs we reviewed. Their program takes 90 days from start to finish and includes partner support such as assistance writing a business plan, generating marketing collateral, and education about specific vertical markets. Read more.

Axcient Product Review
All calls with their support went well. They gave us a demonstration of their virtualization platform, and explained all the features clearly. They seemed to be very knowledgeable. The thing we really liked about Axcient is that because they’re agentless, they can backup Mac laptops and desktops. Read more.

CharTec Product Review
Customer server was great. Part of the installation entails calling their support center and establishing a time to complete the BDR setup. They quickly scheduled the install and started on time. They completed the install and started the initial backup for us. Read more.

Datto Product Review
Customer service is excellent when it comes to the appliance and the backup agent. All answers were correct and received quickly via their ticket system (accessible to only the reseller), and they have a well-documented knowledge base, which is also accessible to the reseller only. Read more.

KineticD Product Review
KineticD seems to be in a whole other category of backup than the other vendors. First, it offers continuous file-based backups on applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, SQL databases, and QuickBooks; plus, it offers image-based backups for VMware- and Hyper-V-based virtual machines. Read more.

StorageCraft Product Review
The StorageCraft solution is a software solution only. The benefit of this is that there is no hardware that you have to purchase to get started. You can also control where you would like to replicate the data. You can choose to replicate the backups to a USB drive, your own data center (using StorageCraft software and an FTP client), or directly to one of their data centers. Read more.

Unitrends Product Review
Unitrends provides partners with the ability to set backup intervals in 1-minute increments, meaning you could have a 6-minute interval or 17-minute interval. This is nice if you have a specific requirement from the customer. Most of the other vendors have a list of backup intervals that they support, such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 1 hour. Read more.

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