Guest Column | August 11, 2014

Best Practices For Professionals: Working Smart Vs. Working Hard

Gary Pica, President and Founder of TruMethods LLC

By Gary Pica, President and Founder, TruMethods LLC

Gary Pica, President and Founder of TruMethods LLC

In his last series, Gary Pica focused on increasing managed services practices sales. In this four-part series, he shifts the focus to best practices for individuals that will make a positive impact on your businesses. Each week, Pica challenges you to examine your own systems, methods — and habits — and consider changes, if needed, for the better.

Working Smart Vs. Working Hard

I wish that being successful in business and life was as simple as working harder. If that was the case, a lot more folks would get a lot more of the things they wanted out of life. The reality is that most people spend most of their time focused on things that will never get them closer to their goals. They justify this by thinking or telling other that those tasks “have to be done.”

I remember when I started in the MSP business and things were going very poorly. I did the only thing I knew how to do, I worked harder. I soon learned that working harder was not enough. Not even close. As I have matured as a business owner over the past 18 years I have learned that knowing what to do is more valuable than the amount of time you spend doing it.

I have also learned that the same is true for everyone in the business. Every role in your company has key factors that impact success and the amount of time spent on those key success factors is more critical than the total number hours an employee works.

I am not saying that being successful won’t take a lot of hard work and you won’t have to burn the candle at both ends. I am saying that hard work alone won’t get it done and you will experience fatigue before success.

Gary Pica provides weekly tips for readers. Next week, Pica advises, “Learn To Say No.”


Gary Pica is the go-to expert for growing MSP sales and profitability. His company, Dynamic Digital Services, was “early to market” in the MSP arena and quickly became one of the fastest growing MSPs in the country. Pica’s company was acquired by mindSHIFT Technologies, and he has since launched coaching and mentoring company TruMethods. The TruMethods business transformation community has provided training and support services to more than 1,000 MSPs in the areas of sales, service delivery process, business planning discipline, and financial benchmarking. Pica is regularly a featured speaker at IT solutions events.