Guest Column | May 29, 2014

Brand Says Everything About Your Business

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MSP And VAR Branding

By Neal Bradbury, VP, Channel Development, Intronis

Branding is a great differentiator, but there are conflicting schools of thought regarding how to go about it. Some VARs and MSPs (managed services providers) market their alliances and status with top-tier vendors. Other assemble IT bundles, solutions, or services that they rebrand and resell for an upcharge. And a small, but growing number of channel partners brand on the business value they deliver to their customers.

If you’re looking to clearly and effectively your business, your brand must focus on the business value and customer experience your company delivers. In most cases, that will be your biggest differentiator. Of course your advanced technical experience is important. Yes, the fact that you’re an award-winning MSP or solutions provider is relevant. Absolutely your specialization in a vertical market could be the deciding factor in a high-profile deal. But above all is the customer experience your company delivers, the business challenges your services address and the goals you can help them achieve.

Once you’ve uncovered the real reason your customers do business with you — market the heck out of it!  Solicit customer testimonials. Incent customers to offer up referrals. Create positive buzz around your brand.  Sure, it takes a little time, but it is well worth it.  

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