Guest Column | May 14, 2014

Bringing 5 Top Benefits Of IP Security Solutions Into Focus

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IP Video Growth Predicted To Surpass Other Segments Of Surveillance Market

By Kim Loy, VP, Global Marketing and Chief Product Officer, DVTEL

New industry reports, including one from IHS Research, have found that IP video revenues are expected to overtake analog sooner rather than later. For years, industry visionaries have been touting the benefits of networked-based surveillance, highlighting the features and benefits that IP solutions deliver to integrators and end users. The value proposition of IP technology is favorable both in terms of benefits and also lower upfront and ongoing costs. When looking at the complete picture, it’s clear the future lies in IP: as company, we have built our business on exactly this philosophy.

So what are the major benefits of today’s advanced IP systems? Here are the primary reasons IP is overtaking analog.

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