Brochure | January 29, 2012

Brochure: RMM Integrator

Source: Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

RMM tools have opened the door to recurring revenue models, allowing you to be extremely proactive with your customers; you can often fix issues before your customers even know about them – or prevent them from happening to begin with. However, these tools have created new challenges. How do you manage alerts in an organized fashion like you can in a PSA solution, and how do you generate invoices consistently and accurately based on the asset topology of each and every customer?

When you integrate your RMM solution with Tigerpaw, alerts in your RMM tool immediately show up as service tickets in Tigerpaw, giving your technicians the full power of the best PSA solution available. With our advanced integrations, the tickets in Tigerpaw even include all relevant web links to your RMM tool, making it easy for the tech to display the generating alert or go right to the management console of the device – right from the Tigerpaw ticket. Some RMM solutions even allow Tigerpaw to close the alert when the ticket is closed in Tigerpaw! Also, advanced RMM integrations from Tigerpaw allow you to quickly and easily generate monthly invoices based on real-time asset information for each of your customers; all invoices go out the door with total accuracy. You can even bill for non-managed items, such as off-site backup, using a simple wizard that generates invoices in minutes, rather than in days.

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