CharTec: Backup And Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solution Product Review

There are a lot of services an MSP can sell its customers, but almost every MSP includes BDR services as one of its core offerings. For this month’s product review, Business Solutions once again turned to MSP Remote Technology Management (RTM). CEO Eric Brown and Technical Manager Kevin Danis tested seven BDR solutions in their Massachusetts test lab over a two-week period, investing more than 40 hours. True to RTM’s conclusion when it tested RMM (remote monitoring and management) products for our January issue, Brown says, “There is no single solution that meets every MSP’s needs perfectly.” To that end, we share highlights of RTM’s tests of the following vendors: Asigra, Axcient, CharTec, Datto, KineticD, StorageCraft, and Unitrends. The MSP met with key product experts from each of the above vendor companies and went through the onboarding process with each one.

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Part 1 – Interview with CharTec

1. Do you offer cloud storage?
Yes, Doyenz Cloud is included with each Model BDR, sized according to BDR models: 150 GB, 450 GB, 1,000 GB, or  2,000 GB

2. If yes, what is the monthly cost to your partner for file storage?
Included; additional storage can be purchased for 39 cents per GB in 20 GB increments.

3. Do you support virtual machine (VM) functionality in the cloud?

4. If yes, what is the monthly cost for VM storage?
Included with cloud storage – no additional cost.

5. How is your product priced?
Package Prices include both  SVR Agent and Off-site Storage

6. Are there any other services available with your backup and disaster recovery solution that VARs/MSPs can purchase? If so, please list.
Ontrack Granular Exchange Recovery, Desktop Backup, Shadow Stream, and BDR to BDR replication

7. Do you offer mobile device backup services?

8. If yes, which mobile operating systems can you back up?

9. Is there anything different about the cost structure for your mobile backups?

10. What type of direct VM export do you support? 
VMDK (virtual machine disk) and VHD (virtual hard disk); other formats available with secondary conversions

11. Can your product be purchased as a HaaS (hardware as a service) offering?

12. Can your product be purchased as a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering?

13. What type of local backup does your solution offer: image-based or file-based?

14. Is there anything else about your backup/restore technology and/or channel program that differentiates your product from your competitors that can be listed succinctly here?

  • Includes free setup, installation, and configuration by our support team
  • Includes ongoing monitoring, remediation, and free virtualization by our support team
  • We are an Intel Platinum Partner and use 100% Intel Server Level hardware
  • Include 4 levels of virtualization technology and support two hypervisors for local virtualization
  • True-HaaS – not limited by line of credit or third party lease
  • Perfect RMA (return merchandise authorization)
  • Unmatched Partner Training
  • Built by an MSP for MSPs – based on real world needs and experience
  • BDR Portal Access for all Deployed BDRs — Haas or SaaS = simple, at-a-glance status reporting of backup status, remote management of BDR
  • Built-In, Local, Onsite Virtualization Available via VMware Player &  Dedicated Drive for Virtualizations
  • Head Start Restore Included for Near-Instant Virtualization/Server Recovery
  • Automated Test Virtualization/Verification Nightly with Notification
  • Archival Offsite Storage Usage Based on Size of Local Server  Instead of Ever-Growing Backup Chain
  • U.S. Based Help Desk Support with 24x7 Emergency Coverage
  • HaaS BDR  Setup included
  • SaaS BDR Setup included
  • Offsite Virtulization Free  10 Virtual Lab Hours Included per Server/Month,
  • Offsite Virtulization Free   36 Days of Full Production Virtualization
  • We include BDR Software, Maintenance, Monitoring, Support, AND Remediation
  • Site to Site Replication Fee
  • No Disaster Recovery Cost
  • Custom Private Labeling with MSP Logo and Badges included
  • Termination of Old Agreements When Clients Trade Up
  • 3-Year Refresh for HaaS

Part 2 – Interview with Remote Technology Management (RTM)

After reviewing this product, describe your overall assessment.
Customer server was great. Part of the installation entails calling their support center and establishing a time to complete the BDR setup. They quickly scheduled the install and started on time. They completed the install and started the initial backup for us. Their tech support is very involved in the installation of the product. As a reseller, this can be a plus because you can have a less experienced technician perform the CharTec BDR agent installation on-site. The only potential negative for some resellers is that you are relying on CharTech’s tech support to install the product and lose a little bit of control over the process.

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