Brochure | December 30, 2013

Brochure: CharTec Membership

Source: CharTec
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Distinguish your MSP with a CharTec Partnership and enjoy these benefits...

  • CharTec Has Your Back
    Empowering your success with effective programs is at the core of what we do here at CharTec. With our acclaimed Academy training sessions, your MSP can gain valuable real life experience on everything from Sales or Marketing to Operations or HR. Let our devoted educators enhance your organization while teaching innovative approaches to streamlining your MSP.
  • HaaS Ain't a Thing
    Don't know what HaaS is? It means recurring revenue in your pocket when you HaaS a deal with CharTec. Our exclusive "HaaS it Yourself" option gives you control over your clients' hardware, allowing you to own your deals in 6 months or utilize our 36-month terms to watch the revenue flow!
  • And more...

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