Newsletter | January 25, 2013

01.25.13 -- Choosing The Right Connectivity: Wireless Options That Can Save Money And Improve Productivity

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Choosing The Right Connectivity: Wireless Options
That Can Save Money And Improve Productivity

By Honeywell
This white paper from Honeywell examines the strengths and weaknesses of the different connectivity options both inside and outside the four walls. It looks at 802.11, WWAN, and satellite.
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New Standards For Enterprise Thermal Printer Management
Unlike most technology solutions, thermal printers have not used an open standard programming language for communication and print control. Printer manufacturers developed their own proprietary language because it was easy to develop, required a minimal investment to enter the market, and there were no incentives to standardize a printer language in the thermal printing industry. Learn more.

Utilities And Mobile Computing: Leveraging Real-Time Visibility To Drive Customer Engagement
This white paper from Motion Computing covers the need in this service-driven economy to strategically equip frontline workers with mobile solutions to streamline performance and drive customer interactions according to a study from VDC Research Group. Learn more.

Key Considerations For Transitioning From Manual To Automated RFID
As companies become increasingly aware of the liabilities and frustrations inherent in manually affixing RFID labels, commonly called “slap and ship,” they are investigating a transition to automated RFID tagging. Learn more.

MobilETC,™ Turning Mobility Into Profitability

ScanSource POS and Barcode has always been on the cutting-edge of change, and mobility is no different. Whether you’re selling into retail, healthcare, logistics, or manufacturing, ScanSource POS and Barcode is ready to help you in the manner and timeline that’s best for you.
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Featured Product
Panasonic Toughbook U1 Handheld PC Panasonic Toughbook U1 Handheld PC
In your world, a handheld is judged on more than just portability. The Panasonic Toughbook U1 is a new kind of mobile computer, a lightweight, rugged mobile office with hot-swappable twin batteries for extended productivity. It allows you to take your desktop applications mobile with Windows XP or Vista. Just load your software onto the U1 and start working. Read more.
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