Case Study | December 2, 2011

City Of Calgary's Light Rail Transit System Employs Genetec's Omnicast Video Surveillance Platform

Source: Genetec
Genetec City Of Calgary LRT

When the CTrain system was first built, a CCTV system was installed comprising a matrix of analog cameras transmitting analog video to tapes, and eventually DVRs, which processed and archived the footage. In addition to being technologically outdated and providing a limited user interface, Calgary recently determined the system to be at end-of-life, and concerns of system failure caused key decision makers to seek a new solution.

There are inherent challenges to monitoring and providing safe passage to CTrain's customers. A transit environment is necessarily fast-paced and must aim to ensure security without hindering a timely travel experience. In addition, the disparate location of various stations requires a system that can efficiently pipe data to a single position to enable effective monitoring and evaluation of the CTrain system as a whole.

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