Guest Column | September 18, 2012

4 Cloud Storage Questions Your Customers Demand Answers To

Frank Gurnee

By Frank Gurnee, VP of channel services, ExchangeDefender

What is the most significant trend in storage?
Though getting storage into the cloud seems like the obvious answer and is definitely a significant trend; we are looking beyond the cloud and to the user experience. It is our belief that the most significant trend for storage is taking a hybrid approach, and giving end users peace of mind by allowing them to combine a local storage approach with a cloud backup strategy. By combining a hardware device with cloud storage, you provide customers with the peace of mind that they are not completely reliant on a cloud vendor, Internet connectivity, or legal concerns of data ownership.

Which vertical markets offerthe best opportunities for VARs?
One of the verticals I keep hearing about in the channel is the legal vertical. Many MSPs are seeing this as a prime market due to regulations for data archiving, a large competition base making web presence and SEO important, as well as little time to manage their own infrastructures. These factors have created a demand for IT services and management that make the legal vertical a great fit for managed services.

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