Newsletter | March 13, 2012

03.13.12 -- CognitiveTPG Introduces New Label Printer; Accu-Sort Announces New Laser Bar Code Scanner

Business Solutions
The Power Of Mobile Printing In The Warehouse And Beyond
By Datamax - O'Neil
By Datamax - O'Neil In today's precarious economic environment, global enterprises are experiencing a dual pinch: one, difficult times have cut operating budgets significantly, and rehiring to support growth after the contraction remains difficult; secondly, as investments in new equipment and systems have been delayed or denied, the optimization of warehouse and supply chain processes has become a critical factor in balancing costs, labor, and assets. Learn more.

High Frequency RFID for High Performance Label Printing

SATO's CL4e HF RFID Series industrial tabletop printer accommodates customer's emerging applications. Designed and built especially for item level tracking and traceability applications, the SATO CL4e HF RFID printer solution is ideal for labeling in supply chain, libraries, hospitals, pharmacies and entertainment venues. Download product sheet now for details.


How A Book Retailer Cut Its Cycle Times By 30%
From humble storefront beginnings in 1971 on a derelict corner of northwest Portland, Oregon, Powell's Books has grown into one of the great bookstores in the Portland metropolitan area and one of the world's most successful dot-coms (, serving customers worldwide. Learn more.

Honeywell's Mobile Computing
Portfolio: Addressing The Changing Industry Landscape

This video, shot by Editor in Chief Sarah Howland at Honeywell's Fort Mill, SC, facility, provides an overview of two very different Honeywell mobile computing devices that address the needs of different types of mobile workers. Mika Majapuro, senior product manager for Honeywell, gives a demo of the rugged Dolphin 99EX mobile computer and the Dolphin 6000 scanphone. Watch video.

Mediq Achieves On-Time Deliveries By Integrating GPS, Track & Trace, Mobility
Mediq is an international supplier of medicines and medical aids. With around 8,200 employees, Mediq is active in fourteen countries. Mediq relies upon a streamlined distribution process and efficient transport management so that patients always receive the right medication or medical aids on time. Learn more.

A Leading Soft Drink Manufacturer
Boosts Productivity With Integrated Printer Kiosks

This company is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks and beverages with more than 250 distribution centers in the U.S. and local operations in 200 countries around the world. An early adopter of self-service devices, the company already had kiosks operating in each of their U.S. warehouse locations. Learn more.

Featured Product
LXE LXE VX6 Half-Screen CE Vehicle-Mount Computer
LXE's VX6 is a rugged, half-screen vehicle-mounted computer that provides flexible features to help improve your operational performance. Read more.
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