Guest Column | May 13, 2013

6 Common Lies About IP Video Surveillance

BSM-Security Camera 2

by Gadi Piran, president, OnSSI

Lie #1: You will have to spend a lot of money to implement multi-site, multi-camera video surveillance.
Reality: VMS solutions can deliver multi-site, multi-camera video surveillance at a very low cost.

Lie #2: Video surveillance providers typically require you to use their own brand of hardware across your entire system.
Reality: There are open architecture solutions available that allow the user to integrate virtually any off the shelf hardware including access control, cameras, storage, servers, etc.

Lie #3: You will have to sacrifice video quality and speed when implementing mobile video solutions.
Reality: New video management technologies on the market deliver full frame rate without compromises on video quality.

Lie #4: If you are looking at archived video to find a specific incident, you will have to search through many hours of video.
Reality: With investigative and search tools, you can swiftly find what you are looking for.

Lie #5: In order to ensure you don’t miss any important events, it’s necessary to watch many monitors at once.
Reality: There are blank screen monitoring capabilities available with VMS that are helpful in ensuring no important events are missed.

Lie #6: You have to spend a lot of money for accurate surveillance monitoring.
Reality: VMS solutions can deliver added security that is more efficient at lower operational costs.