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Continuum Gives Clare Computer Solutions A Competitive Edge

Source: Continuum Managed Services, LLC
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As an early adopter of the managed services business model, Clare Computer Solutions was in the unenviable position of test piloting emerging remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions – and whether or not they might crash and burn their business. Along the way they evaluated numerous vendors, but found only one offered a fully integrated solution that enabled them to look sharp, maximize productivity and bolster profitability at a low, fixed monthly cost: Continuum.

Business Challenge
Offer a comprehensive managed services solution that would fully address the needs of small and midsize businesses.

“Partner support is a top priority at Continuum,” says Bruce Campbell, vice president of marketing at Clare Computer Solutions. “It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but they clearly listen to their partners and look for opportunities to add value. It goes to show you that the true measure of any partnership isn’t seen during good times, but in how they respond when faced with challenges.”

In terms of Clare’s managed services offerings, Continuum’s network operations center (NOC), in particular, has made a tremendous positive impact, according to Bruce.

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