Article | April 15, 2014

Continuum: RMM Product Review - 2014 Update

In the Jan 2013 issue of Business Solutions magazine, we reviewed seven RMM platforms. In the time since, a lot has changed. To keep you up-to-date, we’ve reached out to each vendor to obtain updates on their products. Remote Technology Management (RTM), an MSP based in the Boston area and headed up by CEO Eric Brown, performed the original testing over a four-week period. Brown, along with his team of technology consultants, tested seven RMM tools and shared feedback on the highlights and lowlights of each one. To view the original product test results, which compares all seven RMM products, click here.

Since Jan 2013, what are the most significant changes to your RMM platform?

Continuum has implemented many significant changes and enhancements throughout 2013 to ensure that our partners are more productive, efficient and responsive in meeting the IT needs of their SMB clients. RMM platform changes include the following:

  1. RMM product additions and enhancements
    1. Mobile Device Management powered by MaaS360®
    2. Lights-out management support from our NOC to proactively restart Windows Servers and Continuum Vault appliances that are found down
    3. VMware host monitoring
    4. Linux server monitoring
    5. Redesigned setup UI
    6. Enhanced patching support and redesigned UI
    7. New client-facing report templates
    8. Ticketing enhancements, including more auto-completion and addition of event codes
  2. Third party integrations
    1. Enhanced Autotask integration
    2. Third-party backup monitoring integrations with: Intronis, StorageCraft ShadowProtect, VaultLogix, Windows Server Backup
  3. Security improvements
    1. Including 2-factor authentication integration with AuthAnvil and Google
    2. Signing Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) as part of initiatives to strengthen technical, administrative and physical security improvements in order to assist MSP partners in meeting HIPAA compliance standards.
  4. Expanded services and support
    1. Tech Advantage – low-cost, project-based IT work that can be performed around the clock to accommodate client and partner schedules
    2. New knowledgebase in our Service Desk for more responsive support
    3. Service Desk support for virtual desktops
  5. New Data Center
    1. Continuum relocated its data center to a premier facility hosted by Markley 
    2. Subscribe to Business Solutions magazineGroup, one of the largest and longest operating multi-tenant, mission-critical telecommunications and data center facilities in New England. Located at One Summer Street in Boston, close proximity to Continuum's headquarters, the facility offers increased storage, optimal redundancy, reliability and scalability, allowing Continuum to solidify its infrastructure health and position itself for continued growth.


  1. Do you offer NOC services? Yes
  2. Yours or a 3rd party? Continuum has a NOC staffed with 400+ people. The company was the first to combine RMM automation with a 24x7 NOC, providing a fully integrated software and services platform that delivers highly efficient, full problem resolution.
  3. What is additional cost? None. NOC services come with every RMM agent. Higher levels of service are available at additional cost.
  4. NOC location(s):  Mumbai, India
  5. Agent/Agentless/Both? Agent

Which mobile platforms do you support for monitoring? Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Samsung, Symbian, Kindle Fire

Any changes to your pricing structure since Jan 2013?  No

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