White Paper | July 2, 2013

Create A Referral Program To Grow Your IT Business

Source: ConnectWise

The primary mode of growth for most technology provider businesses is by good, old word of mouth.  Yet, many businesses have not established an official referral program to capture as many referrals as possible. 

Here is an excerpt from this guide:

It’s no secret how referrals work. Consumers talk to each other about who has the best product and share experiences. But, interestingly, companies don’t often take advantage of them. Few companies take full advantage of this singularly least expensive, yet most powerful marketing tool that’s at their disposal.

You get the occasional referral, and you’re thrilled with the “free” opportunity for a sale. But how do you turn the occasional referral to a consistent stream? What’s more, how do you track referrals to make sure you’re getting the results you need? Look no further, ConnectWise is offering this indespensable guide to help you expand and manage your referral program

Check out this guide to find the proven best strategies for creating the perfect referral program for your business.

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