News | March 14, 2013

Creative Safety Supply Is Now Offering Hand Held Printers – Brady IDXPERT Label Printer Available In Two Designs


Hand held printers are a great solution for marking wires and cables on construction sites.

Lake Oswego, OR (PRWEB) - To be a successful in the business world requires a facility to run efficiently by looking at ways for cost savings. The hand held printer is one way to print out labels from just one printer and at the same time is versatile enough to print anywhere that labels are needed. The Brady IDXPERT Label Printer is now being offered through Creative Safety Supply and is available in two nicely designed units. The standard QWERTY keyboard layout as well as an ABC sequential keyboard will be able to produce labels for everything from self-laminating wire wraps to die-cuts, continuous label stock to slide-in punch block strips. The printer is a great solution for when labels need to be produced in the field at construction sites or industrial environments for datacomm, electrical, material handling, etc.

When cable, telephone and other types of wires need to be identified with labels at new construction zones, the rugged printers are sturdy enough to handle the harsh environment that most construction sites command. Jobs can be completed quickly and easily right at the site instead of preparing labels before hand at some other facility or afterward and then returning to the site to complete the job. The Brady IDXPERT Label Printer was designed specifically for those jobs where small labels are needed such as labeling wires and cables. And due to the smaller size of the hand held printer, it is easier to transport from one site to the next. It fits easily in the palm of the hand while the other hand can be busy doing other work.

An electrician commented, “The printer works great when I’m on the site preparing wire installation. It is small enough that I can carry it with me but is also sturdy enough to support rough handling.”

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