Datasheet | August 13, 2012

Data Sheet: Honeywell Tecton Mobile Computer

Source: BlueStar, Inc.
Honeywell Tecton

The IP65-reated Honeywell Tecton is a mobile computer designed to meet the needs of users, demands of warehouse environments, and speed of today's enterprise in leading supply chains. It features natural handgrip ergonomics, removable pistol grip, and a turbocharged PXA320 806MHz processor running available Microsoft® Windows® Mobile 6.5 or CE 6.0 operating system.

The Honeywell Tecton is the successor to the Honeywell MX7, with an enhanced overall performance and features purpose-built to optimize the productivity of a supply chain worker. It features keypads designed to protect against airborne and spilled chemical agents that are epoxy-topped to fight wear and electrical components that are soldered and glued to printed circuit boards to handle shocks and drops.

The Honeywell Tecton features either a 55 or 32 key backlit keyboard and ToughTalk, and can also be equipped with integrated multi-range scanning technology. It can survive drops of 6’ (1.8m) to concrete and is ergonomically designed with a natural handgrip or trigger holding options. With Adaptus™ Imaging Technology it can read linear 2D bar codes, capture digital images, and allows for electronic signature capture. The device offers fast and reliable wireless connectivity and is Remote MasterMind™ ready.

The options for deploying the Tecton are practically limitless, with proprietary ToughTalk technology for voice-driven applications, available vehicle mounts, and a host of other accessories, all backward compatible with the MX7 for existing installations.

It’s the foundation of your supply chain—reinvented.

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