Datto G Series

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G Series On And Off-Site Backup Solution

Versatile Network-Attached Storage (NAS) with Off-Site Sync.

Flexible and powerful, the Datto G Series delivers off-site synchronized local storage at an unbeatable cost per GB.  The Datto G Series offers an excellent way for small to medium-sized businesses to protect their critical data.

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The Datto G Series is an automated on-site and off-site backup solution for small to medium-sized businesses. An on-site appliance stores data locally and uses a powerful backup engine to transmit and synchronize mirrored data off-site to secure bi-coastal data centers.  Datto G Series combines the convenience of on-site availability with the added protection and security of redundant off-site backups.

Tape drive systems and other forms of removable media require manual intervention to manage day-to-day backup routines.  The Datto G Series completely automates local and off-site backup, allowing you to set your protocols and let the G take care of the rest.  The combination of automation, ease of use and on- and off-site protection ensures your data is always accessible and secure, regardless of any local failure or catastrophe.


  • 100% U.S. based technical support
  • Local backup and restores
  • Cloud backup and restores
  • Complimentary device seeding
  • Full hardware insurance*
  • Easy to use
  • Affordably price

*For more information on Datto’s Full Hardware Insurance Policy, go to:

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