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Private Cloud Solutions

Datto is proud to offer the Datto Private Cloud. If desired, partners can leverage Datto's technology to house all of their clients' data at any off-site location.

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Datto is proud to offer the Datto Private Cloud. If desired, partners can leverage Datto's technology to house all of their clients' data at any off-site location. The technology that makes this possible is the backbone of Datto's cloud infrastructure: Datto Nodes.

A Datto Node is essentially a standalone cloud that is hosted locally at a partner's business or data center. Nodes store off-site backup images and perform virtualization exactly like Datto's cloud. The Datto Node platform allows MSPs and VARs to have complete ownership of their own cloud infrastructure, while still leveraging Datto's awarding winning technology.

Datto Node Highlights:

  1. Datto Nodes are scalable to compliment the data needs of any size business.
    • Nodes are available in 6TB, 10TB, 20TB, and 96TB models.
  2. Upgrading is a simple process. If more storage is necessary, just add another Node to the cloud and the storage size is expanded instantaneously.
  3. The 96TB node is the new standard for Datto's bi-coastal data centers. In 2012 and beyond, every new node placed into Datto's proprietary cloud will be the same product that is offered to Datto partners.
  4. Nodes are compatible with Datto's SIRIS, SIRIS Lite, and G-Series product lines. Devices from multiple product line can be backed up to the same Node.
  5. Datto Nodes do not support bi-directional data transfer. Data is sent strictly from the Datto device to the MSP's node.

It is important to note that Datto Nodes are NOT an alternative for Datto's traditional backup and disaster recovery (BDR) units. While Nodes are universally compatible with all Datto solutions, it is still necessary to host a physical device at an end-user's business. The main difference is when data is pushed off-site it is directed to the Node, as opposed to Datto's bi-coastal data centers. Also, only Datto devices can be synced to Nodes. Integration of third party hardware or software to Datto Nodes is prohibited.

Partner Responsibilities:

It should be stated that undertaking a Private Cloud operation is not to be taken lightly. Implementing and managing a private cloud with Nodes is not as simple as with Datto's traditional BDR units. Your business will be running and maintaining your own cloud. While this platform can be advantageous, because of the amount of control partners have over cloud their infrastructure, many of the responsibilities involved are not negligible or automated. Datto technical support will be available for preliminary planning and implementation, and will still perform the monitoring procedures that we utilize on our proprietary cloud. The owner of the node will be responsible for any extraneous costs and services such as device seeding, local encryption and firewalls to the Node.

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