Brochure | March 30, 2012

Datto SIRIS Lite Product Specifications

Source: Datto Inc.

Datto SIRIS Lite utilizes a revolutionary technology that dramatically simplifies the backup and recovery process.  By employing proprietary Inverse Chain Technology, Datto SIRIS Lite eliminates the inherent inefficiency of the traditional backup chain.  Datto SIRIS Lite takes directly from the server and converts it into virtual machine readable files. These files can then be booted instantly from a web interface or by using any common hypervisor. This innovative way of storing data allows for instant recovery and can prevent downtime in the event of a disaster, offering the peace of mind that backups will be available at a moment’s notice.

Datto SIRIS and Datto SIRIS Lite use the same technology.  The only difference is that Datto SIRIS Lite appliance does not support local virtualization or screenshot verification.

To learn more, download the product specifications document below.

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