Guest Column | March 13, 2014

Differences Between A World-Class MSP And A Typical MSP

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Managed Service Providers

By Douglas R. Grabowski, Jr., managing partner of Grabowski Group Inc., ASCII Group member since 2010

“World-class” is used to explain “of the highest order.” Here’s how to ensure your company is performing better than everyone else.

Numerous marketing materials abound touting “world-class,” “best-of-breed,” and even “unmatched” when in reality they’re just doing the same things you’re doing. Until now. If you really want to be a “world-class” managed services provider (MSP), and truly separate yourself from the rest of the pack, here’s how to do it.

World-Class MSPs Engage

World-Class MSPs are tightly embedded and integrated with the client. The client isn’t just a check-writer; they view technology as a critical asset and enabler of their business, each and every day. The world-class MSP anticipates needs that the client has not. More bandwidth? A new application? A refined paper-based procedural process? Not every solution has to be a new technical widget! Some of the most successful client improvements aren’t technological at all. Engage with business, own the entire end-to-end of their processes, and assist them in reducing their operational costs, regardless of where those costs may be.

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