Guest Column | June 4, 2012

Direct Interactive Marketing At The Point Of Sale

Deepak Wanner Precidia Technologies

By Deepak Wanner, president and CEO, Precidia Technologies, Inc.

The customer-facing payment terminal, which allows cardholders to retain their cards throughout the purchase, is becoming a popular choice for merchants in North America. Driving the growing adoption of this new terminal model is the demand for solutions that counter fraud, giving customers peace of mind when paying for their purchases. This fraud prevention approach is rapidly becoming a de facto standard for POS, with cardholders expecting this capability. However, there is a trend towards maximizing the marketing potential of these sophisticated terminals, one that is capturing the attention of merchants and dealers alike.

POS Sophistication
Nearly every major manufacturer has brought out a customer or cardholder - facing terminal with touch screen display, or is in the process of doing so. These next generation terminals offer the merchant a level of sophistication and interaction that could not have been imagined in the wildest dreams of any merchant 15 years ago. With full color touch screens, these terminals go above and beyond simply processing the transaction, giving each interaction the potential for a customized experience.

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