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04.05.13 -- Does Your Mobile Printer Manufacturer Believe In Its Own Products?

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Does Your Mobile Printer Manufacturer
Believe In Its Own Products?

By Mike Monocello, chief editor
As part of our planning for an upcoming 4-inch rugged mobile label printers product review, I had calls with 11 companies that manufacture such printers. The first part of the call was to learn as much as possible to ensure our tests were fair and valuable to readers. Secondly, I asked if they would like to send their latest and greatest printer to be a part of the review. What I found was that the majority of manufacturers think that their latest printers aren’t the greatest in the field.
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Dairy Market Leader Sees Productivity Through Employee Satisfaction
In some ways, computers are a lot like the people who use them. Take our ability to withstand extreme temperatures, for instance. A frigid day that arrives unannounced in the middle of a heat wave feels much colder, while we can generally get ourselves used to the cold when days get slowly and incrementally chillier. However, slow acclimatization is a luxury that no cold storage facility can afford, especially Dean Foods, a global leader in branded dairy foods and beverages. Learn more.

Using Healthcare Data Capture Solutions To Improve Patient Care
Fast, accurate data capture is crucial to improving patient care across the complete health and wellness spectrum. Scanners for the healthcare industry should not only be easy to use, ergonomic, and efficient, but they also must meet strict standards for cleaning and disinfectant to aid organizations in the prevention of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Learn more.

Leveraging Tablet PCs With Mobile Printers In DSD Operations
By now strategically minded direct store delivery businesses have switched to mobile computing and communications to streamline their operations and enhance field-driven customer service. But taking the next step — adding mobile printers — opens the door to additional efficiencies and new revenue generation opportunities. Learn more.

It's All About Mobile In 2013
The move to mobile is more than just using smart phones and tablets to work from home or by an app. Mobile technologies are creating a new way of doing business that is not only changing our culture, but raising the bar when it comes to customer service and technology innovation. Full article.


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The microFlash family offers the most rugged and reliable performance for route accounting, direct store delivery, and field service workers. Read more.
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