Case Study | June 22, 2010

Drive Route Sales Revenue Growth With Additional Technologies

Source: Datamax - O'Neil

Integrator Summary Systems didn't set out to develop and implement a route accounting and DSD (direct store delivery) solution for Natural Ovens when the specialty bakery's executives first contacted the company. So how did Summary Systems end up with the sale and an eight-year relationship supporting the system? "While soliciting them for our other applications, Natural Ovens indicated the need for a handheld route accounting system," said Bob Montana, president of Summary Systems.

The integrator was experienced with fleet onboard computers, GPS (global positioning systems), and wireless communication applications, but had not yet developed a route accounting solution. Summary Systems was encouraged by the challenge of adding a new technology to its portfolio and assembled the hardware and software that Natural Ovens requested. The solution required a lot of customization, and the interface with the accounting system was exceptionally complex. However, Summary Systems was able to design a suitable system and ultimately secured the sale.

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