Magazine Article | December 13, 2013

Edge Out Competitors With A Complete Cloud-Based Mobile Solution

By Jay McCall

A VAR wins a mobile registration and printing deal with a large paintball facility by providing a complete solution that generates a quick ROI and additional upsell opportunities.

CPX Sports is one of the largest paintball parks in the United States, hosting more than 70,000 paintball enthusiasts each year at its $6.5 million facility. Although the sports complex has 24 attractive playing fields spread out across 143 acres, the facility’s registration process was falling below standard for its customers.

Despite the massive scale of the paintball facility’s business, it operates with only 20 employees. Due to the team nature of paintball activities, CPX Sports often experienced bottlenecks while registering and outfitting paintball groups. “CPX first came to us through a referral from one of our other clients,” says Scot Robnett, director of interactive services at Imprint Enterprises. “When we first met with them, their registration system was primarily manual, and they leveraged the online registration systems of paintball organizations for large tournaments. Additionally, the legacy bar code printers CPX used to print player wristbands had been discontinued, and finding local support had become an expensive challenge.”

CPX also required players to watch a 10-minute safety video prior to playing, a process that was followed by a player and/or parent/guardian signing a waiver. “Even though the facility needed these steps to be completed only once a year for each player, the process of trying to locate previously filed waivers stored in their paper filing system was nearly as time-consuming as having someone watch the video again and sign a new waiver,” says Robnett.

Eliminate Registration Bottlenecks With A Customized, Rugged Mobile Solution
After meeting with the prospect, Imprint Enterprise realized the client’s primary concerns were centered around streamlining the player check-in process, finding a printer that met CPX’s volume demands, printer media (i.e. player wristbands) costs, and the overall cost of the solution. “As it turned out, we were the only solutions provider able to offer a complete end-to-end solution that met their needs,” says Robnett. “Other vendors were able to sell them hardware and supplies but not software, or software development but no hardware, and there were also only a select few that could offer them local, certified Zebra printer service.”

Subscribe to Business Solutions magazine Despite the fact that Imprint Enterprise was the only VAR capable of providing a solution that addressed all of its client’s business challenges, it was able to provide a solution that fit the customer’s budget, too. The VAR recommended a three-part solution, which included a cloud-based online preregistration platform, online safety video presentation and waiver verification tracking, and desktop and mobile applications for printing player wristbands and scanning player data. The hardware Imprint Enterprise recommended and sold the client included three Zebra HC100 (“toaster”) wristband printers, one Zebra iMZ220 mobile receipt printer, two Motorola CS3070 bar code scanners, a Motorola ET-1 rugged tablet, a Samsung Galaxy III smartphone, and a Catapult cloud application for Web-based registrations. The complete solution cost less than $7,000.

Immediate Results, Quick ROI Lead To Upsells and Referrals
Immediately after the implementation, CPX was able to print wristbands from the Catapult application to the Zebra HC100 printers on media that was 15 percent less expensive than its previous media. CPX’s customers can now preregister online, which reduces the on-site registration process of providing a name and ID. “Within a couple of seconds of entering a player’s name into the application or scanning a player’s wristband with a Motorola CS3070 bar code scanner, CPX receives a status update confirming that the video has been viewed and an up-to-date waiver is on file,” says Robnett. With this automated tracking system in place, players returning to the facility can get through the registration process much more quickly. “Since rolling out the new solution, the paintball facility has reported a 15 percent increase in revenue, while at the same time realizing a $900 per year savings on bar code media and additional savings on printer maintenance costs,” says Robnett. “The cost savings provided by the new system paid for the initial hardware and implementation costs within the first year.”

“The cost savings provided by the new system paid for the initial hardware and implementation costs within the first year.”

Scot Robnett, Imprint Enterprises

“CPX is so excited about their new system that they have overwhelmed us with new requests,” says Robnett. “We’re already working with the client to upgrade the solution [from v1.5 to v2.0] to more easily accommodate group/team banding, a points-based loyalty program, and payment integration. We’re also adding a child safety feature to ensure children scanned with their parent/ guardian during registration are accounted for and leave with the same person after completing their activities.”

CPX’s enthusiasm over the new solution has even led to its evangelizing the solution to other paintball parks nationwide. “We will be presenting the solution alongside them at two paintball-related trade shows in 2014,” says Robnett. “These opportunities will give Imprint Enterprise exposure to tens of thousands of people, including owners and managers of dozens of other paintball facilities.”

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