Guest Column | April 23, 2014

5 Elements Of A Partner Program That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Business Partner Program Elements

By Ian Snadden, VP & GM, Americas, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility

Selecting the right partners is critical as resellers look to strengthen and grow their businesses. And while you may find that all partner programs have some similar elements, you’ll also quickly learn that each program is very different. As a reseller partner, you should look for a partner that is committed to helping you achieve your goals with a program that focuses on the following five things:

First, Predictability and Transparency are most important to ensure an environment is created where partners understand, believe in, and invest along with the channel go-to-market strategy.

Second, Partnership is key and it is important to reward partners for the demonstrated value that they bring to the relationship. It is important to invest with them and drive a collaborative selling engagement to achieve net new growth in target markets.

Third, Profitability and Growth are important. A partner program should always drive partners’ profitability as well as your company’s profitability while keeping an absolute focus on growth in revenue and overall market share.

The fourth thing to look for in a partner program would be its Differentiation from other partner programs. Companies should drive a program with breakthrough compelling elements which are valued by partners. A company should always strive to be the “Vendor of Choice” to the partner.

The fifth thing to look for in a partner program would be its Efficiency and Effectiveness. A great partner program should continually challenge that company to drive increased efficiencies with all channel related processes, as well as drive industry leading ROI on all investments we make.