Case Study | July 6, 2010

Case Study: Enhancing The Efficiency Of Outsourced IT

Source: Intel Corporation
intel enhancing

ACS increases the efficiency of IT services by creating a virtualized environment with Intel® Xeon® processors


  • Increase IT efficiency. Improve utilization and reduce the costs of an IT infrastructure that supports enterprise and client applications for a large corporate customer.
  • Retire legacy servers. Consolidate hundreds of application servers and eliminate old hardware.


  • IBM servers featuring Intel® Xeon® processors. The ACS team deployed VMware virtualization software on IBM System x3850 M2 servers equipped with the Intel® Xeon® processor 7300 series and Intel® PRO/1000 server adapters to create a powerful, consolidated virtualized environment.
  • VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software. For the first phase of the project, ACS used VMware VDI software to virtualize more than 50 desktops used by the customer's software developers onto just three physical servers.

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Access Content Case Study: Enhancing The Efficiency Of Outsourced IT
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