ErisBusinessSystem 4-Line Phones

Source: Vtech Communications

ErisBusinessSystem 4-Line Phones

Not all offices are created equal. But no matter your size or function, one thing is true: You need a phone system that has the features, value and flexibility to meet your office’s high demands. The VTech ErisBusinessSystem has it all.

Four-line office phones that have it all.

This 4-line, expandable system keeps up with your growing needs but also keeps it simple—no need for complicated wiring or expensive installation technicians. It’s a low-maintenance way to manage your calls and keep your business thriving.

A cost-effective solution

ErisBusinessSystem is one of the most affordable 4-line office phone systems on the market today. It comes with all the features you’ll find in a traditional PBX (public branch exchange) but on a smaller scale—and at a fraction of the cost.

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