White Paper | March 29, 2012

Evolution Of Speech Recognition Technology In The Warehouse

Source: Lucas Systems, Inc.

By Steve Yurick, Lucas Systems, Inc.

Voice-directed warehouse applications are a proven solution for improving distribution efficiency in industries ranging from grocery and foodservice distribution to apparel and industrial supply. A typical voice application combines a voice-directed workflow—the system provides audio prompts directing users what to do—with speech recognition technology that understands a user's spoken responses. Voice applications seamlessly integrate with other warehouse systems to enable hand-and eyes-free operations that drive new levels of associate productivity and accuracy across picking and other warehouse tasks.

Underlying every voice application is a sophisticated speech recognition platform designed to ensure users are understood quickly and accurately, every time they speak. High recognition accuracy means users don't have to repeat their responses, which maximizes efficiency and user acceptance of voice as a tool that helps them do their jobs better.

Over the past decade the underlying speech recognition technology used in warehouse voice applications has undergone a significant evolution due in large part to developments in consumer and non-industrial markets, everything from GPS and smartphones to medical transcription and call centers. Although warehouse voice applications have different needs than these other applications, the advances in the wider speech recognition space are having a direct impact on advances in the warehouse market. But rather than adopting consumer speech recognition technologies in whole, the ideal recognition solution for the DC incorporates a combination of technologies that provide the best-possible speech recognition accuracy and ease of use in a noisy environment with a widely diverse user population.

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