News | September 5, 2012

ExchangeDefender Announces Security Essentials 2.0 Release With New Features And Lower Price

Orlando, FL. — ExchangeDefender announces the immediate availability of its Security Essentials 2.0 platform. The solution is designed to help businesses protect on-premise email servers from SPAM, viruses, DDoS as well as assure business continuity in case of service outages.

The new 2.0 release of ExchangeDefender Security Essentials takes the software platform to the next level by improving flexibility, policy management, features, and pricing in the SPAM and antivirus detection solution. The ExchangeDefender Essentials Emergency feature, the webmail system that holds an exact replica of all client inbound mail, has been expanded from three days in the previous version to hold up to a weeks’ worth of messages. This allows clients to continue sending and receiving email in the event that their office email server goes down and is a cost effective business continuity solution.

“The positive response to ExchangeDefender Security Essentials with partners and clients has been amazing,” stated Vlad Mazek, ExchangeDefender CEO. “The growth in the subscriber base has allowed us to expand the features of the product and we’re excited to give back to our partners by lowering the price to $0.50 / mailbox.” “Many major competitors are discontinuing services and forcing users to the cloud, while a large number of clients have decided to maintain their existing on-premise infrastructure and further lower their costs using ExchangeDefender Essentials;  improving the product and rewarding our users was an easy decision, “ said Mazek.

ExchangeDefender Security Essentials 2.0 also further enhances support by now providing migration assistance. ExchangeDefender engineers will migrate configuration and user data from any competitive third party security solution to ExchangeDefender free of charge. This provides users an easy experience without migration worries.

ExchangeDefender Security Essentials is available through a global network of IT Solution Providers who provide additional integration and optimization services and is also available for direct purchase from ExchangeDefender.

About ExchangeDefender:
ExchangeDefender is a global leader in security, cloud services, Exchange & SharePoint hosting and has a large global network of IT Solution Providers. Since 1997, ExchangeDefender has delivered solutions from on-premise to the cloud, allowing customers to make a transition to the cloud while delivering the flexibility of securing any platform anywhere.

SOURCE: ExchangeDefender