Guest Column | March 13, 2014

Financing Programs Offer Flexibility, Revenue For Resellers

By Dave Tynan, Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales, MicroPower Technologies

Financing Programs For Resellers

Surveillance is no longer a luxury; it’s a requirement. But as businesses look to invest in surveillance technology, the upfront cost can be overwhelming. No matter the security needs of a facility, end customers want to make smart, cost-effective purchasing decisions.

Security needs can be unpredictable, which can make it difficult for businesses to develop accurate budgets. The often drawn-out budget process can lead to vulnerabilities and loss. To help, today’s technology vendors have developed innovative financing programs to bridge the gap between security technology requirements and available cash flow. Here is a closer look at how financing options benefit both the surveillance user and the reseller community:

Fast-Tracked Budgeting

Unique financing programs eliminate the end user's requirement to seek capital funding and the need to obtain approval from senior management. With a financing program, technology investment is moved from a capital expense to an operational expense, paving the way for quicker access to systems and a stronger security posture.

Rapid Deployment

Financing programs also fast-track system deployment. For example, if there is an incident and additional protection is needed quickly, users can easily promote the value of a financing option to ensure the necessary level of protection. In this way, financing programs can speed up installation to quickly address emerging risks.

Access To Emerging Technologies

Surveillance needs within the walls of a facility are often budgeted first, making perimeter protection an afterthought for many businesses. But every organization needs a strong level of perimeter protection to secure entry and exit points, and remote areas with little infrastructure. New systems that incorporate robust wireless technology and solar energy are changing the perspective of perimeter and outdoor surveillance needs. To help ease the path to deployment, such technologies are available as part of financing offers to allow users to quickly gain access to new levels of security and usability.

Revenue Building

Financing programs help integrators communicate the value proposition to the end customer and propel demand for the value-added reseller’s services. Financing also helps the integrator by reducing the cost of acquiring new customers because the manufacturer plays an active role in providing business leads within the VARs service area. Resellers can also approach existing customers with a new solution to an age-old problem. Service packages can even be built into the financing program to streamline invoicing.

Surveillance equipment financing solutions help deliver new levels of service and support while enhancing customer loyalty. The vendor, along with its network of authorized installation experts, works to maintain and maximize long-term relationships with customers to effectively secure their premise with a limited budget. At the same time, financing solutions help authorized partners differentiate themselves while building opportunities for recurring revenue and repeat business.