News | September 10, 2012

Fingerprint Scanner Doubles As Barcode And Document Reader

Fingerprint sensors are generally thought of as technology with a specific use. Very occasionally, a fingerprint sensor might also be used as a navigation device, similar to a trackpad. However, US biometric firm Lumidigm has announced that its fingerprint sensors will go much further – doubling up as both a barcode reader and as a sensor to authenticate credentials.

This is possible thanks to the underlying multispectral sensing technology used by Lumidigm. As a direct imaging process, multispectral imaging employs multiple spectrums of light and advanced polarization techniques to extract unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin. This Lumidigm technology is not restricted to perfect contact with the sensor nor is it limited to reading fingers.

“We are excited to demonstrate our barcode reading and credential authentication capabilities because they tie in nicely with solutions we are already offering with our biometric fingerprint sensors,” explains Phil Scarfo, Lumidigm Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Many customers require multi-factor authentication solutions and adding barcode-reading capability to a fingerprint reader is one way we will be able to meet that demand — in a single device.”

SOURCE: Lumidigm